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📰|November Newsletter

By djoh   |   30 Nov 2023 20:00 UTC | Updated on 30 Nov 2023 23:12 UTC

November at Dulcis Logistics

Welcome to Dulcis Logistics monthly Newsletter! Within this Newsletter, you'll be able to view a summary of the month of November here at Dulcis Logistics.

Driver & Staff of the Month

Driver of the Month


LovelyPiggy joined Dulcis Logistics on 6th of October 2023. Ever since then she has been showing great activity in our Discord server and on the TruckersMP network including attending events and just driving around! We thank LovelyPiggy for the great activity within the VTC and wish her luck with continuing keeping up the good work!

Staff Member of the Month


mantulyzas_TMP joined Dulcis Logistics on 8th of February 2023. Recently, he has also joined as Event Planner on November 6th and has been helping us a lot with planning our future public and private events and helping with inviting VTCs to our existing events. Thank you mantulyzas_TMP for all your hard work and we hope you will continue doing such a great job!

Team Summaries

Human Resources Team

Throughout the month of November, the HR team have been extremely busy with the recruitment of new staff and drivers, driver discipline, driver checks and much more internal work behind the scenes.

Event Team

The Event Management team have been working on preparing our upcoming events and plan to invite people to them shortly. The Event Management has also decided to hire a new Event Planner - mantulyzas_TMP. He has shown great success within his first month of being on the role of Event Planner and we wish him to enjoy his role!

Media Team

Throughout November, the media team have been helping our event team create media for upcoming convoys, including route banners, slot images and more! The photos that our Media Team creates are always top-notch. There's no place for error, therefore our photos are some of the best in the business!

October Statistics:


Applications Received: 16
Applications Accepted: 14
Applications Declined: 0
Applications Cancelled: 2


Jobs submitted: 723
Distance driven: 484,364 km


Events Attended: 20
Public Events Hosted: 1
Private Events Hosted: 1

Top Drivers of the Month:

1st - husky_lazuli - 53,255 km
2nd - DitDog - 30,095 km
3rd - LovelyPiggy - 28,569 km


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