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Introducing our Upper Staff!

By Dylаn   |   03 Jul 18:57 UTC | Updated on 06 Sep 19:10 UTC

Founder / Owner -

The Founder and Owner of Dulcis Logistics!

RodzTMP -
Hello I’m Rodz, VTC founder.. I’m 15 years old and from Scotland
I like to work on and sell computes for fun.
Feel free to dm me at anytime

Co-Founder / Co-Owner -

The Co-Founders and Co-Owner of Dulcis Logistics!

Owen_ -
Heya, I’m Owen and I’m from Scotland.
I like to play TruckersMP!

General Manager -

General Managers are responsible for managing the VTC.

JCBBuilds -
Hey, I'm Jack, I play a lot of ETS2 and ATS and love being apart of Dulcis.

Human Resources Manager-

Human Resources Manager is responsible for managing the Human Resources team!

.Casper -
Ello, I'm Casper, I'm 15 years old and From Sweden. I like playing Ets2, FS22 and CS:GO

Human Resources -

The Human Resources Team are in charge of recruiting drivers, dealing with drivers and answering your questions!

Rdn. -
Hi, my name is Raudne, I'm from Estonia. I love trucks, I have undiagnosed ADHD and am currently suffering from caffein overdose

RollingBarrelz -
Hello , I'm James and I'm from England . I like to play simulation games like ETS2 , ATS , FS22 and more . I love being Dulcis HR Team

SeQ19 -
Hi! I'm Karol. I'm a Polish. 15 years old kid who loves Trucks, cars and Valorant. Im a HR membe

Event Manager -

The Event Manager is in charge for keeping the Event Team in line.

Mashmanlh345 -
Hey, I'm Connor, I'm 15 and like to play all types of sim games.

Media Manager -

The Media Manager is in charge for keeping the Media Team in line..

rizziy -
Helo, I'm Richard. From Estonia. Not far away from my 18th birthday. Mostly play ETS2 and Warframe and sometimes I drift on Assetto Corsa


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