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Bono Logistics: Present and Future!

By KimbaPlays   |   09 Jul 2022 00:10 UTC | Updated on 01 Aug 2022 23:56 UTC

Hey Truckers!

As you can imagine, developing a company is not easy at all. Quality standards must be met, and patience is key to develop a product close to perfection, especially when it is only one person actively developing all the resources.

Nonetheless, 7 days after being founded (02/07/2022), immense progress has been done:

  • Website has been established.
  • Discord server has been partially established.
  • Internal structure of the company has been set (Hierarchy, Recruitment Criteria, Driver Divisions, etc.).

However, there is still much to do!

  • All paintjobs to both the fleet of trucks and trailers must be finished (around 60% done).
  • Discord bot needs to be polished, aswell as the discord server too.
  • Any other thing that is missing and that will come up to my mind when I least expect it.

As such, three important things:

* Bono Logistics will officially open and open the applications on the 2nd of August, 2022.

* The website is currently is currently down.

* Bono Logistics will only be open to Euro Truck Simulator 2 truckers, in what we call a 'Trial Period'. However, we will definitely open the recruitment to American Truck Simulator truckers. We request patience so that a product with quality can be developed.

So, mark your clocks, join our discord server, check our website and social media, and stay up to date with Bono Logistics!

Yours sincerely. Kimba.


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Created: 08 Jul 2022 23:32 UTC
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Euro Truck Simulator 2
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