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Bono Logistics: Buses

By KimbaPlays   |   10 Jul 2022 22:28 UTC | Updated on 10 Jul 2022 22:30 UTC

Hey Truckers!

With the launching of buses in TruckersMP, a new market has just opened. Buses are to bring more diversity to the roads, jobs. And that is where Bono enters!

As such, I have decided that it is pretty fair to open a 6th Specialty Division: Passenger Transport!

Betting on the industry of Passenger Transport, Bono Logistics will not only focus on delivering cargo, but also delivering passengers all around Europe (and hopefully soon in America too).

I can say that the resources needed to make a quality transport (which we want to guarantee here at Bono), are already being made. Everything will be ready on the 2nd of August!

So get ready, we are coming in heavy!

Yours sincerely. Kimba.


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Created: 08 Jul 2022 23:32 UTC
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Euro Truck Simulator 2
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