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China Suda team news on September 1

By MG-003-GuYing   |   01 Sep 04:02 UTC | Updated on 01 Sep 04:05 UTC

中国速达车队发展历程: 中国速达车队成立之初,以“热情、真诚、公心、决心”为核心,确保速达车队服务体系的完整性,不让团队成员感到压力。组长总是耐心教导组员管理。每个管理员都应该受到仔细的控制。他不应该随意上任。在一些特殊的问题上,他也是无私的,不需要感情。他可以用一碗水来实现真正意义上的公平、公开和正义。这让团队成员放心,这一切都是平等的,让大家在同一条线上共同发展。速达成立于7月30日,成立之初,连续运输次数不到5人次。废旧迎新后,积极招人,耐心好客。速达再次快速发展,达到平均10人联运人数的前提下。但是,我们不能专注于当前进一步积极稳定发展的需要,需要脚踏实地一步一步往前走,因为我们都知道,这种事情是不可能的紧迫的。同时,我们更注重速达车队的质量控制。我们平时进行线下培训和线上娱乐的方式,让我们在平日习惯、喜欢、建立团队成员与团队成员之间的关系,让我们在多式联运过程中紧密合作,微笑与和谐。这也是队长喜欢听到的声音,也就是队员们的声音。我们找到出发点、切入点、落脚点、着力点和关键点来落实团队成员反馈的问题。我们会一一破解,真正做到让每个团队成员都放行政管理和行政监督权,让每个团队成员都能发表意见,实现监督权。领队也会积极采取相关措施,让速达更上一层楼。慢慢的,我们会从10人变成15+联运。但是,我们对第二个并不满意,因为我们知道更好的机会还在后面。我们将不断创新,真正废除不合理的地方,让不合理的地方更加人性化。速达领队为此制定了福利政策,让大家玩得开心,有奖拿,没有太多困难。这让每个人都更加积极地参与到每晚的多式联运中。就这样,在细心的线下教学群里,线上一片欢声笑语,热烈讨论。就这样,我们欢声笑语迎接了20人。这个时候,我们的管理层也需要更加努力,积极审核培训组长的要求,多审核管理,让大家共同进步。只要有基础,在组长的管理上少培训和监督,5天就能诞生新的管理层 Development history of China Suda fleet:  At the beginning of the establishment of China Suda Team, with "passion, sincerity, public heart and determination" as the core, to ensure the integrity of the Suda team's service system and not to let team members feel pressure. The team leader always patiently teaches team members to manage. Every administrator should be carefully controlled. He should not take office at will. On some special issues, he is also selfless and does not need affection. He can achieve true fairness, openness and justice with a bowl of water. This reassures team members that it's all equal, allowing everyone to develop together on the same line. Suda was established on July 30. At the beginning of its establishment, the number of consecutive transportations was less than 5. After retiring the old and welcoming the new, actively recruit people and be patient and hospitable. Suda has developed rapidly again, under the premise of reaching an average number of 10 people for intermodal transportation. However, we cannot focus on the current need for further positive and stable development, and need to move forward step by step, because we all know that this kind of thing is impossible and urgent. At the same time, we pay more attention to the quality control of Suda fleet. The way we usually carry out offline training and online entertainment allows us to get used to, like, and establish the relationship between team members and team members on weekdays, and let us work closely in the process of multimodal transportation, smiling and harmonious. This is also the voice the captain likes to hear, the voice of the players. We find the starting point, entry point, end point, focus point and key point to implement the problems feedbacked by team members. We will crack them one by one, and truly allow each team member to delegate the power of administrative management and administrative supervision, so that each team member can express their opinions and realize the power of supervision. The team leader will also actively take relevant measures to make the speed reach a higher level. Slowly, we will change from 10 people to 15+ intermodal transportation. However, we're not happy with the second one because we know better opportunities are yet to come. We will continue to innovate, truly abolish unreasonable places, and make unreasonable places more humane. The team leader of Suda has formulated a welfare policy for this, so that everyone can have fun and win prizes without too many difficulties. This allows everyone to be more actively involved in the nightly multimodal transport. In this way, in the careful offline teaching group, there was laughter and lively discussions online. In this way, we greeted 20 people with laughter and laughter. At this time, our management also needs to work harder, actively review the requirements of the training team leader, and review management more, so that everyone can make progress together. As long as there is a foundation and less training and supervision on the management of the team leader, a new management can be born in 5 days, adding new colors to the prosperous family. ![]( ![](



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