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Tag: China CSL Team
Language: Chinese (Traditional)
Created: 31 Jul 07:43 UTC
Supported Game
Euro Truck Simulator 2
Owner: CSL 001 Nan Xun
Members: 23
Recruitment: Open

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Future development goals of Suda Team

Future development goals of Suda Team

01 Sep 03:27 UTC   |   CSL 001 Nan Xun

Daily sports car photos of China Suda team

The following are daily pictures [not combined transport]

30 Aug 01:39 UTC   |   CSL 001 Nan Xun

Daily combined transport of China Express fleet on August 11

All the activities are in good condition. Thanks to the team members and the management

11 Aug 13:36 UTC   |   CSL 001 Nan Xun

Suda team's intermodal activities on August 10

The combined transport is in good condition. Thank you for coming

10 Aug 13:35 UTC   |   CSL 001 Nan Xun

On August 8th, the daily intermodal transportation of China Suda fleet

The combined transport is in good condition. Thank you for coming

08 Aug 21:00 UTC   |   CN*[M L] Team Xue Bi



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  1. The team must have steam version * * Euro Truck Simulator 2**
  2. The intermodal transportation time of the motorcade starts to gather at 8:00 every day and leaves on time at 8:30, waiting for no one
  3. The motorcade pays attention to harmony. It is forbidden to abuse each other in the process of combined transportation. Those who do not listen to the advice will send a plane ticket immediately
  4. Please abide by the traffic rules. No overtaking on the lane, no retrograde, no honking for a long time, no flashing lights and dangerous goods warning lights. Honking or flashing lights when overtaking at high speed
  5. We hope that all group friends will actively participate in the group transport activities, and the team will pay benefits from time to time. If they don't have time to play the game, they should say hello in advance
  6. Follow the command. In the process of intermodal transportation, please follow the command of the team leaders and forbid to overtake the first car. If the first car has an accident, you can also say stop in advance: side, y keyboard input / fix to repair the car in the game, and continue to be the first car after the first car catches up
  7. Clear microphone is needed for intermodal transport. YY voice is used for intermodal transport of the fleet
  8. It is forbidden to make trouble on the line under the banner of motorcade
  9. If there are contradictions that cannot be solved during the intermodal transportation, you can find the management to mediate

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CSL 016 Wen Hua
CSL 016 Wen Hua
CSL 012 sangni
CSL 012 sangni
CSl  039  xiao min
CSl 039 xiao min
CSL  025  LaoLiu
CSL 025 LaoLiu
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