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By ╬Ť L F E O   |   17 Jan 11:20 UTC | Updated on 17 Jan 11:25 UTC

Intra-Team Changes

As a result of the Removal of the Powers of Some of our Former Officials or their Resignations, a New Competent Management Staff has been Formed. Incoming Administration Members Can Be Accessed on the Event Page

Our New Discord Bots

Our Discord Music Bot Moderation, Entertainment, Recording Booths Specially Made for VTC TheOrder Have Been Put into Operation

Limitation on Monthly Convoys

We have Seen that We Have Been Receiving Too Many Convoys for a Few Days and Realized that We Now Have to Impose Monthly Restrictions. There Are Only 6 Convoys per Month, If There Is a Special Convoy, We Thought That This Number Could Be 7.8

New Color, New Style

Our Team Realized That We Had To Start Again After A Short Break And That Something Had to Change. Dec. Our New Paint is Available on Our Event Page. Our Style Is That We Are Going In a Style That No One Else Is. Get Ready, You Won't be Able to Stand Watching Us.

Our Discord Template has Been Updated

We have Changed the Theme of Our Discord Server, Which is Old and Outdated, If You Want to See it, You Can Come to Our Discord Server


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