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Tag: TH Team
Language: Chinese (Simplified)
Created: 14 Aug 2022 17:05 UTC
Supported Games
Euro Truck Simulator 2
American Truck Simulator
Owner: Tu.Hu-Hua Hai[045]
Members: 16
Recruitment: Open

Latest VTC Posts

China Tu Hu Team attend the 3rd Anniversary of the China Set sail Team


02 Oct 2022 13:30 UTC   |   [CQF] Qian Xia

中国途虎车队人员变动——Change of members of China Tuhu team

我们游戏成员变动将在这篇文章中全部更新!——Our game membership changes will all be updated in this article!

02 Oct 2022 00:00 UTC   |   [CQF] Qian Xia

📢关于车队福利如下(1.2版本)——About the team benefits as follows(Version 1.2)📢

在这里你能了解车队10月跟新管理车队福利的和积分兑换的细则(1.2版本),仅限中国地区玩家——Here you can learn about the details of the team's benefits and points exchange for the new management team in October (version 1.2), only for players in China

01 Oct 2022 00:00 UTC   |   [CQF] Qian Xia

中国途虎车队9月联运路线汇总——Summary of 9 intermodal routes of China Tuhu Fleet

联运路线和联运图片持续更新——Intermodal routes and intermodal images are continuously updated

30 Sep 2022 12:00 UTC   |   [CQF] Qian Xia



29 Sep 2022 16:00 UTC   |   [CQF] Qian Xia



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中文 (简体)



  • 每月周一到周四为娱乐联运
  • 每月周五,周六,周日常规联运
  • 统一各类马甲,加入车队VTC。
  • 拥有游戏本体及游戏本体以上DLC的队员。
  • 每月周五.周六.周日,参加活动联运次数累计(3-4)次以上。其他时间自行安排。
  • 统一各类马甲,加入车队VTC。
  • 拥有车队要求的28个DLC的队员。
  • 每月周五.周六.周日,参加活动联运次数累计 9 次以上,其他时间自行安排。
  • 团结 素质 文明 和谐




  1. Intermodal transportation for entertainment from Monday to Thursday every month
  2. Regular intermodal transportation on Friday, Saturday and Sunday every month
  3. Unify all kinds of vests and join the team VTC.
  4. Players who own the game itself and DLC above the game itself.
  5. Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the cumulative number of times to participate in the event is more than (3-4) times. Other times at your own arrangement.
  6. Unify all kinds of vests and join the team VTC.
  7. Players with 28 DLCs required by the team.
  8. Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the number of times to participate in the event is more than 9 times, and other times can be arranged by yourself.
  9. Unity Quality Civilization Harmony


Tu.Hu-Hua  Hai[045]
Tu.Hu-Hua Hai[045]
Chief Executive Officer
Tu.Hu-TIAN Sir
Tu.Hu-TIAN Sir
Chief Operating Officer
Tu.Hu-Za Liang[006]
Tu.Hu-Za Liang[006]
Personnel Team
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