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By HENGYA   |   07 Apr 2023 18:28 UTC | Updated on 27 Nov 2023 02:33 UTC

Hello, everyone. We China TCG Team is recruiting major drivers, including Event Manager, Media Team, these are the positions we recruit, I hope the following will be helpful to you!

Event Manager:

1.You must own Discord and be guaranteed to have time each week to check out our Discord event invitation tickets!

2.You must have extensive experience in convoy control

3.You must be able to organize our monthly convoy once a month!

Event Team:

1.You must guarantee to attend our convoy control activities three times a month.

Media Team:

1.You must be proficient in PS and other software.(Take note! Our media manager will conduct a one-on-one interview with you!)

2.You must upload 30 photos per month to our Media Manager

HR Team:

1.You have to recruit 5 drivers for us every month(Please note!) Our HR Manager supervises you as your leader!)

2.If you are successfully recruited by our HR team, then it will mean that you will not be able to woo drivers who already have VTC, and you will be kicked out!


1.You must have 3 months of registration on TruckersMP.

2.You cannot have 2 or more bans in the last 12 months.

3.After joining us, you must not insult other drivers.

4.After you join us, you must meet the requirements, the following 2 can choose 1 to implement. (Please note! You must send a screenshot containing TAB to our HR Team! )

You have to join Convoy 5 times a month.

You must join the convoy 3 times a month and additionally drive 2000km using our designated vehicle.

5.You must always adhere to the TruckersMP and Discord Rules.

6.You must be able to speak and write English.

7.You must be at least 16 years old.

What you need to do after you join us, don't worry, here are all told to you.

Must be willing to use CAT Paint Job at all public events.

Must be willing to use CAT Tag all the time unless granted otherwise such as helping at an external event.

Respect all TruckersMP Rules and behaving well in all areas.

You should respect all other players in TMP by driving professionally and respectfully.

Ready To Apply?

After you read through the above and made sure you meet our requirements, you can move on to the next step, applying for VTC! If you have any questions, welcome to create feedback tickets on our Discord server.

Once you submit your VTC application, our HR team will review you as soon as possible, depending on how busy they are, but it won't take more than 2 weeks!

Good Luck!!

And finally, If everything checks out, you will get accepted as a trial driver and are allowed to join our amazing family!

If this shouldn't be the case, don't worry! After a months time you will be able to reapply, trying your best once again!

Thanks for reading!

We hope that this guide helps you with your application as well as way into China CAT logistics!

Kind regards,

TCG Management


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