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Our 8 new partners !

By [OCSC Event] Antho   |   12 Feb 11:50 UTC | Updated on 12 Feb 12:50 UTC

The OCSC Event partnership system is now available to VTCs under certain conditions. (opening since January)

By respecting these conditions and communicating with our Community Managers, VTCs will receive many benefits to support them and help them promote their events through our community.

Here are the 8 VTCs that have joined our partnership system for the month of January 2023:

• Global Trucking (discord)
• Star Logistics (discord)
• Shepard Logistics (discord)
• The Order VTC (discord)
• Roadrunner Transporte (discord)
• Mileage Riot (discord)
• DRS Greece (discord)
• VTC Auf Achse (discord


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If you want to become a VTC or Community Partner of OCSC Event, feel free to join our Discord server or to write us by our Website !
We look forward to supporting you and working with you!

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