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By [OCSC Event] Antho   |   12 Feb 12:30 UTC | Updated on 24 Apr 15:48 UTC
Since the relaunch of OCSC Event in January 2023, the community and VTC partnership system is back in place.
This system aims to help each community or VTC, through our community discord which gathers more than 1000 members, our different monthly events, our supervisions and our website.

The goal is to support each other, to allow us a better stability and to reinforce the communication which is a key element in any project.

If you want to become a community partner of our convoy supervision organisation OCSC Event, please join our discord server or visit our website https://ocsc-event.com.




TruckStopRadio. Our aim is simple, to provide you with the best of tunes, 24/7. We have been live for over 2 years now and we are constantly growing.
TSR Discord


CHub is an easy drivers Hub solution for Euro Truck Simulator 2 / American Truck Simulator Virtual Trucking Companies, which offers you various plans according to your preferences.
CHub discord


Global Trucking is a Relaxed and Growing VTC which aims to provide excellent service to all customers, whilst maintaining a fun and fairly casual environment for our employees.

We love to go about doing jobs together, or you can ride solo.. either way we don't mind! We play ATS and ETS2, and we like to hire Drivers that take the game seriously.

Global Trucking discord


Star Logistics was founded on 5 February 2022, by Gani and Elih. They created this VTC with the idea of having a good community on TruckersMP.

We are a kind and friendly community, we hire drivers from all the parts of the world that are commited to involving their time to our company.

Star Logistics discord

The Order

The Order VTC was established by ✟ - MΠ―.DΓ˜Π―Ξ› on 24.02.2022 and approaches you with the feeling of real friendship and real brotherhood, without staying in a virtual environment other than being a virtual company.

We Promise You That Never Even A Founder Or Executive Officer Will Be Superior To A Member Under Normal Conditions. Our Team Has Convoy Days 3 Days A Week, Including Fun Convoys and Regular Convoys. We Have Quality Management Staff.

The Order discord


Shepard Logistics was founded on the 24th of November, by CygNus. We communicate based on English and have been the No. 1 Vertified VTC representing Taiwan since 2019.

With the new VTC Management, we have launched several promotions and presented a new brand. Join the ETS2 & ATS journey at Shepard Logistics that will break the high barriers!

Shepard discord


Roadrunner Transporte was established in 2020, based in Germany with the task to deliver any Cargo around the Euro Truck Simulator 2 Street’s.

We also loves it to only wear socks when we drive together according to the motto always naked in the leader's house because not for nothing we are the most stunning forwarding company in the ETS2!

Roadrunner discord


Mileage Riot is the only verified Russian-speaking VTC at the moment. We are several years of cargo transportation in Europe and America. Everything is done solely for the benefit of the company members.
Mileage Riot discord


DRS GREECE always plays with passion and respect from 2011-present.
DRS Greece discord


We at VTC Auf Achse are one of the best-known and largest haulage companies in the German-speaking world. We came together in May 2019 and have been treading all paths together ever since. The name Auf Achse reflects exactly what we do here. "Auf Achse" ->On the road means always being on the move with the truck.
VTC AA discord


Anonymous Truckers ITA is an Italian virtual company founded in 2020. Our goal is to meet new people and make new friends with a passion for trucks and simulators.

We organise convoys with the aim of having fun but also demonstrating a serious attitude and being a real group of truckers, a big family of virtual truckers.

AT ITA discord


Heidesprinter-Transporte Niedersachsen saw the light of day on 27.01.2021.

In the beginning, drivers got together and thought of founding H.S.T. together.
The small team became so well known that more and more joined in to explore the roads of Europe together with full the roads of Europe with full freight.

HST Discord

Hellas Company is a Greek company that deals with TruckersMP Multiplayer and creates and also participates in various international convoys. We will be happy to ride with you!
Hellas Company Discord

Team Neon

Team Neon established on May 07, 2020 and have been communicating with each other in a enjoying atmosphere and carrying out convoy.


TCCR was founded on May 21, 2021, under the name of Bloke 506, our main idea was always to unite the Costa Rican community of Euro Truck simulator 2 and American Truck simulator.

in September of that same year under a new administration is renamed TRANSPORTES CAM COSTA RICA a virtual company that is dedicated to the handling of virtual goods in the simulators of ETS2 and ATS, our motto is transporting the future.
this is because we are always thinking about how to improve and support our carriers this gives us the idea of being a big family that travels the virtual roads of Europe and North America.

TCCR Discord


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