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Hej! Logistics - Welcomes you!

By Bromsnorro   |   15 Mar 18:00 UTC | Updated on 15 Mar 18:35 UTC

Hej! Logistics - Welcomes you!

Last week it was epic inside our community. We have received a lot of applications of players who wants to be part of Hej! and drive with us. Really nice! Offcourse all of them has been accepted as Drivers and our drivers fleet has been increased!

With all of thosenew drivers we had some great evening convoy's. We attended much as we can in various convoy's troughout TruckersMP. Other VTC's and players has seen Hej! Logistics, which lead to new contacts!

Also we have accepted our first official VTC Partner: Liminal Logistics. We are really glad that we have got this opppurtunity <3



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