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Hej! Logistics | 1st Anniversary Convoy

By Niohe <3   |   03 Mar 12:00 UTC | Updated on 03 Mar 12:03 UTC

Hej! Everyone,

Yesterday we hosted our first anniversary convoy and what else to say... It was truly a blast of a convoy! Starting early in the morning, the convoy traveled from Amsterdam to Valencia, where it ended in the evening. We where so excited to see everyone involved, all of the VTCs we invited gave us great feedback and they really enjoyed the 3 routes of the event. Bromsnorro and myself want to congratulate our CC partners Lead Speed Convoy Control for their excellent work throughout the whole 3 routes. During the 3rd route, we also hosted an incredible Truckfest, making 3 VTCs the winners of 10€ Steam Key Cards!

Additionally, our content team was also present on all of the 3 routes! Here are some pictures from the convoy! Hope you enjoy them 💛

Credits to: seven4tor

Credits to: Martin17517

Credits to: Gani

We want to spoecially thank everyone that participated and controlled our Anniversary Event, to all of the Game Moderators present that did an outstanding job departing all of the 3 routes. Thank you everyone! We really appreciate all of your help!

Kind Regards, Hej! Logistics | Management Team

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