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China PLR Team | 中国PLR车队歪歪频道更改通知 lChina PLR team crooked channel change notice

By Zi*Hao   |   20 Dec 2023 12:00 UTC | Updated on 20 Dec 2023 12:05 UTC

翎悦传媒 中国PLR车队歪歪频道更改通知 中国PLR车队 原歪歪频道ID455469 更改为 3069

车队网站 车队创建的初衷就是让更多的喜欢ETS2的人相聚在一起,让大家都感受到ETS2中轻松愉快的气氛,一起体验驾驶的乐趣,一起在基于TRUCKERSMP的游戏世界中驾驶,在车队中找到朋友。在ETS2中相遇,我们需要彼此,我们彼此信任,让成员有结识更多的朋友的机会,结识更多的VTC团队等等。同时,也希望更多的朋友有兴趣了解我们,体验和我们一起开车的乐趣,一起在基于TRCUKERSMP的游戏世界中开车,享受多人联机。

  • English: Team website The original intention of the team was to bring more people who like ETS2 together, so that everyone can feel the relaxed and happy atmosphere in ETS2, experience the fun of driving together, drive together in the game world based on TRUCKERSMP, and find friends in the team. To meet in ETS2, we need each other, we trust each other, so that members have the opportunity to meet more friends, meet more VTC teams and so on. At the same time, I also hope that more friends will be interested in getting to know us, experience the fun of driving with us, drive together in the game world based on TRCUKERSMP, and enjoy multiplayer online!

China PLR team crooked channel change notice China PLR team original crooked channel ID455469 Change to 3069


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Tag: PLR-VTC 编号
Language: Chinese (Simplified)
Created: 14 Apr 2023 13:02 UTC
Supported Game
Euro Truck Simulator 2
DLCs Required: 0
Owner: qq772299
Members: 76
Recruitment: Closed