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By ReineCagla   |   29 Oct 2023 07:12 UTC | Updated on 29 Oct 2023 07:15 UTC

🎃 Welcome one and all, to another Happy Hauloween World of Trucks event! The fun will start tomorrow, Tuesday 24th October...

So once again let’s grab our keys To start our rigs. And, if you please, Be sure to wear your jazzy shoes To dance a jig of spooky blues. Because tonight’s a special ball, With bone and skull, and laughter all! And, don’t forget to wear a hat, And OH, be careful of the cat. It might just cross your path tonight To grab a yummy nibble-bite.

For Hauloween is in the air, And there’s no time to flee nor dare To hide away from all the treats That wait for you, but not to eat, NO, they must be hauled, delivered quick, Then parked away, now that’s the trick!

We are once again inviting you, our #BestCommunityEver, to join us in celebrating Halloween by delivering more delicious Halloween Treats across all trucking territories – this time we are pushing for 1,000,000 deliveries in total! Our incredibly creative artists have come up with a brand new, wonderfully spooky yet jazzy, Halloween themed trailer that will carry your special event cargo.

Your #HappyHauloween also brings you a cool new desktop theme that will match our celebrations for the event duration – we really hope you like it!

Your personal goal is to complete 13 deliveries of our Halloween Treats cargo, and there are some fantastic event specific rewards to be had, including a World of Trucks Achievement. All jobs for the event will be 100Km each (62.1 mile) or more, and don't forget to check out the rules.


Using External Contracts, with a World of Trucks-connected profile in Euro Truck Simulator 2, American Truck Simulator or both, the community goal is to achieve 1,000,000 deliveries of Halloween Treats cargo, from any city in any trucking territory.

When a player completes 13 deliveries of Halloween Treats cargo across any trucking territories in either game, it will complete their personal goal.


Personal: Players that complete 13 or more deliveries of Halloween Treats cargo will gain a unique World of Trucks Achievement as well as cute, and purrfectly fluffy, Count Catula Plush cabin item as a Steam inventory item for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator.

Community: When the community goal of achieving 1,000,000 deliveries of Halloween Treats cargo from any city is met and if the player has also achieved their personal goal, then they will receive a creepy, but cuddly, Spooky Spider hanging toy as a Steam inventory item for their cabin.

Note: In order to qualify for any community reward, you must complete at least your personal goal in Euro Truck Simulator 2, American Truck Simulator or both. Each reward will be a Steam inventory item for both Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator. Once completed, claim your reward in the Events page on your World of Trucks profile.

The event will be concluded on Tuesday the 14th of November at 23:59 UTC.

This year’s event is going to be full of spooky fun, for both American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2, with deliveries counted in both games. You can even take part in the celebrations across both sides of the Atlantic, so we look forward to seeing all your pics on our X/Twitter, Instagram and Facebook profiles and we will share our favourite ones.


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