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China FeiYing Team Recruitment Program

By [CNFY]-003-Zao An-CEO   |   01 Jan 00:00 UTC | Updated on 19 Feb 15:46 UTC


  1. 中国飞鹰车队招人计划-1(游戏:欧洲卡车模拟2)

  2. 中国飞鹰车队,作为国内顶尖的卡车模拟竞技团队,现正面向全球招募优秀玩家,共同征战欧洲卡车模拟2的赛场。我们的团队有着丰富的比赛经验和卓越的成绩,相信与您携手将创造出更加辉煌的成就。

  3. 以下是我们招人计划的详细信息:

  4. 基本要求:热爱卡车模拟游戏,对欧洲卡车模拟2有深入了解和丰富经验。

  5. 技能水平:我们希望您具备高超的游戏技巧,包括但不限于驾驶、导航、物流规划等方面。

  6. 团队协作:具备良好的团队协作精神,愿意与队友共同研究、学习和进步。

  7. 沟通交流:能够熟练使用中文进行线上交流,以便更好地融入团队和接受指导。

  8. 参赛经验:有参加过相关卡车模拟比赛的经验,了解比赛规则和流程。

  9. 心态稳定:在比赛和训练中保持冷静,面对挫折能够迅速调整心态。

  10. 持续学习:愿意不断学习新的技巧和方法,以适应不断变化的比赛环境。

  11. 服从安排:遵守团队纪律,服从安排,不擅自行动。

  12. 时间安排:能够保证有充足的时间投入训练和参加团队活动。

  13. 贡献精神:愿意为团队做出贡献,不计较个人得失。

  14. 中国飞鹰车队招人计划-1将是我们迈向更高荣誉的关键一步。我们期待您的加入,共同创造更多的辉煌成绩!

China FeiYing Team Recruitment Program -1

  1. China Flying Eagle Team Recruitment Program -1 (Game: European Truck Simulation 2)

  2. China Flying Eagle Team, as the top truck simulation team in China, is now recruiting excellent players from all over the world to compete in the European Truck Simulation 2 arena. Our team has rich experience in competition and excellent achievements, and we believe that we will create more brilliant achievements together with you.

  3. Below are the details of our recruitment plan:

  4. Basic requirements: Love truck simulation games, have deep understanding and rich experience of European truck simulation 2.

  5. Skill level: We expect you to have excellent game skills, including but not limited to driving, navigation, logistics planning, etc.

  6. Team work: Have a good team spirit, willing to work with teammates to research, learn and progress.

  7. Communication: proficient in online communication in Chinese, in order to better integrate into the team and receive guidance.

  8. Participation experience: Have participated in relevant truck simulation competition experience, understand the competition rules and procedures.

  9. Stable state of mind: keep calm in competition and training, and adjust your mind quickly in the face of setbacks.

  10. Continuous learning: Willing to constantly learn new techniques and methods to adapt to the changing competition environment.

  11. Obey the arrangement: obey the team discipline, obey the arrangement, and do not act without authorization.

  12. Time arrangement: To ensure that there is enough time to devote to training and team activities.

  13. Contribution spirit: Willing to contribute to the team, regardless of personal gain or loss.

  14. The China Flying Eagle Team Recruitment Program-1 will be a key step towards our higher honor. We look forward to your joining and creating more brilliant achievements together!

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