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Starcem Log覺st覺cs & Beverly Hills Log覺st覺cs ile partnerlik anlamas覺 iptal edildi!

By Starcem Logistics   |   03 Feb 16:27 UTC | Updated on 08 Feb 10:40 UTC

🇹🇷 Partnerlik Anlamas覺

Starcem Logistics ekibi b羹y羹meye ve gelimeye devam ediyor , Dier lojistiklerin yapm覺 olduklar覺 etkinliklere kat覺larak kendini kan覺tlamaya ve kendini dier lojistiklerin aras覺na almaya devam ediyor bunun yan覺nda aktif olarak'da 羹ye al覺m覺na devam ederek ekibinin say覺s覺n覺 b羹y羹tmeye 癟al覺覺yor. ama bunlar覺n yan覺nda yeni partnerlik anlamas覺n覺n'da olmas覺 gerekiyor fakat bu羹nler'de ald覺覺m覺z 羹z羹c羹 bir haber sonras覺 Beverlly Hills Y繹neticilerin yapm覺 olduu a癟覺klamalar sonucu , Beverly Hills Logistiin kapand覺覺n覺 bildirmekteyim. Bu sebepten 繹t羹r羹 Starcem Logistics olarak Beverly Hills Logistics ile partnerliimiz son bulmutur.


Starcem Logistics

🇬🇧 Partnership Agreement

Starcem Logistics team continues to grow and develop. It continues to prove itself by participating in the events organized by other logistics companies and to include itself among other logistics companies. In addition, it actively tries to increase the number of its team by continuing to recruit members. But in addition to these, there should also be a new partnership agreement, but after the sad news we received today, as a result of the statements made by Beverlly Hills Managers, I am informing you that Beverly Hills Logistics is closed. For this reason, as Starcem Logistics, our partnership with Beverly Hills Logistics has ended.


Starcem Logistics

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