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By JustBrankoGaming   |   25 Jul 2021 21:31 UTC | Updated on 25 Jul 2021 21:35 UTC

We, at Prime, offer a ranking system for our drivers. They can achieve points and rank-up to a higher rank. We recently also changed from a mileage and time-based system to a pointing systems, where multiple actions give you points. The only requirement we have is that drivers need to earn at least 1.000 points each month to stay in the VTC.

Each ranks is also defined by it's own color, which is also displayed in the Discord rank. Driver ranks are something nice for people, and something they can achieve. That's why they all have an unique color, but we still value every driver, no matter which rank you are! Take a look at our driver ranks in the picture below.

Driver ranks

Points can be achieved in three different ways:

How to earn points


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