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Language: English
Created: 10 May 23:45 UTC
Supported Games
Euro Truck Simulator 2
American Truck Simulator
DLCs Required: 0
Owner: Highland
Members: 1
Recruitment: Open

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General Requirements

R1: Be at least 13 years of age R2: Have a stable internet connection R3: Own a legal copy of the trucking game(s) supported by Classic Club R4: Agree to follow all Classic Club rules and policies

Driving Requirements

R5: Have a valid in-game commercial driver's license (CDL) R6: Maintain a clean driving record in-game (no excessive violations/bans) R7: Demonstrate safe and defensive driving skills R8: Follow all traffic laws and regulations in the game world

Equipment Requirements

R9: Own at least one classic truck model compatible with the game R10: Truck must be painted in official Classic Club colors and designs during events

Activity Requirements

R11: Commit to a few hours every month of game time R12: Participate in multiple convoys per year R13: Attend Classic Club meetings and events as scheduled if available R14: Remain an active member of the Classic Club Discord server R15: Must use our drivers job tracking software

Style Requirements

R16: Embrace and celebrate the classic trucking style and aesthetics R17: Keep truck customizations era-appropriate and true to Classic Club themes R18: Represent Classic Club with pride on the virtual roads

These requirements cover key areas like age, equipment, driving skills, activity levels, and upholding the classic trucking style. They ensure members are prepared to be responsible Classic Club truckers.

DLC Requirements

No DLCs Required


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