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Global CC at Dutch Trucking's Pink Ribbon event!

By Voltera   |   30 Oct 2020 10:28 UTC

Most of our members have heaps of experience doing CC, it would be a waste not to make use of these talents. How could Global CC help you out on your next event?

This event did not take place on an event server for once, but on SIm 2. A welcome challenge, since blocking the roads is not allowed. Fortunately, our tailor fit CC procedures, this convoy went really smoothly.

After the Truckfest in Amsterdam, it was time for all the VTC's to leave the city and follow the train towards Salzburg. At all critical intersections, CC was keeping everyone safe, both the convoy as well as the public.

Global CC at the truckfest
Ready to rumble! (Credits: Steviep_04)

With our friends from Viva CC
Gaze beyond the horizon.. (Credits: Steviep_04)

Thank you for reading this article. Do you have an event where you could use a helping hand? Feel free to contact our CC Team!!


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