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October 2021 Update

By MrG_uk   |   17 Oct 2021 12:00 UTC | Updated on 04 Jan 19:01 UTC

So this month we have opened a Minecraft Revelations 3.5.0 server and So many are interested in joining the server :) So you know the server is for when we are not busy hauling goods around the simulated world and for relaxation :)

So in order to join the Server you need to have FTB App installed with Revelations 3.5.0 Beta installed thit IP to the server is:

Next is our upcoming Monthly Convoy Why not pop along to the Convoy and have a chilled evening hauling Fuel Information is below:

Hello there truckers, we have been called in to help out with the shortage of HGV Fuel Tanker drivers, so we have been drafted in to help the country out. So we are needing more help from you!

We will be loading up with Fuel Tankers from LkwLog and we will be traveling upto Carlisle, as we may have a few trucks in convoy, we have been notified from the local Police that we have to keep off the major motorway[s], so we will be keeping to the back as much as we can.

Convoy Information

• Date: 24th October 2021

• Time: 19:00 BST

• Start Point; Dover, LkwLog GmbH

• Destination; Carlisle, Trameri

• Route;

• The job we will be taking shown in more detail;

• TMP Link;

*Note; please make sure your steam privacy is set to Public to get the full enjoyment/realism of this event. This image will guide you on the setting,

Convoy Etiquette

• Maintain 150m minimum distance to avoid wrecks and bans.

• Listen to call outs from convoy organizers and relay to other drivers behind you.

• Always be kind and courteous to other drivers.

• No passing unless necessary. If necessary, do so carefully and warn other driver.

• High pings, please keep to the rear of the convoy.


• Website:

• Discord:

• Twitter:

We hope to see you there and help us and the country out!


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