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January 2022 Update

By MrG_uk   |   28 Jan 2022 12:50 UTC | Updated on 04 Jan 19:03 UTC

Hello there truckers,

Hope everyone had an amazing Christmas & New Years, finally got to say goodbye to 2021, it's been nice this year to be able to relax & spend time with our Family & Friends, on our Closure of the VTC during the festive period, with soo much that has happened of the course of January.

Our very own Slammed_UK, joins the TruckersMP Staff Team. We would like to Congratulate him on his next TruckersMP adventure with the community.

So bringing in 2022, with our first official convoy that took place in ProMods, discovering the Great Britains roads. While were on the subject of convoys/events there is BIG news that our 3 Year anniversary is COMING SOON, so our planners are in motion in planning. So if you wanna keep an eye the progress of the planning your more than Welcome to join the Event Discord server via, there you will be able to keep track on announcements.

We were also very hyped on releasing our sister group, goes by the name of Relaxed Gaming, with this we will be able to keep our main Discord server cleaner and more professional and eye pealing to our public members. Our dedicated Farming Simulator 22 server is growing by the week with more and more players joining us, for relaxing times on the farms and not forgetting opening our Minecraft server as well to the public, so for more information on how to join our dedicated servers simply head over to

Also in January we launched Navio which is our very own job logger that has replaced VTLog. All this can be seen on the Hub with instructions on how to install :) We are strongly advising you to sign up and download Navio so your jobs will be logged as it did with VTLog.

With all being said. We wish you a happy 2022 and lets change RTL for the better

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We Deliver The Relaxed Way!


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