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Our Official 3 Year Anniversary

By Sir Slammed   |   07 Mar 2022 01:13 UTC | Updated on 04 Jan 19:03 UTC

When Mr G started Relaxed Truckers Logistics he never thought we would get to 3 Years.
It was a Trial and error situation, yes we had our ups and downs but to be consistent we would never back down for anything.
I do wish we will continue on the path of becoming one of the good communities out there.

I would like to thank our partners, Friends and Members for the continued support over the years it has been a blast, we would not be around without you.

Convoy Information;
Date: 1st June 2022
Server: To Be Determined
Meetup: 18:00
Truckfest: 18:30
Parking Slot: #truckfest-slots
Departure Time: 19:00
DLC Required: Scandinavia
TruckersMP Link:
Notime Zone; -

Route 1
Departure: Kapellskär (Sea Port)
Destination: Stavanger (Sea Port)
Break Time: 15 minutes

Route 2
Departure Time: 20:45
Departure: Stavanger (Sea Port)
Destination: Travenunde (Sea Port)

Wanna book a parking slot simply head over to, & head to our support area.

Come celebrate our 3 year Anniversary with us ❤


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