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April 2022 Update

By NHT7.260 Callam   |   02 May 2022 02:00 UTC | Updated on 04 Jan 19:03 UTC

Hello there members and the public,

So this brings us to the end of April and the beginning of May! What an awesome month it has been for us at Relaxed Truckers Logistics, as we have been attending some awesome events.

So it's been a busy April for us, so in this month's update we will cover subjects such as our newest drivers, promotions, Driver of the Month, new department changes to our management Team and also our private & public convoy.

Firstly, We welcomed an all time high of new drivers into the company this month, by welcoming Smithy6640, Olliepedders into the vtc

In this May update this month we have announced that Kenny is our Driver of the Month winner! For their incredible impact towards other drivers and the vtc since he has entered the company, he has also shown a great interest and activity. As well as being in Voice Calls, attending events and convoys and also still finding time to get his jobs done.

We have also promoted satified to Junior Driver being active in vtc doing miles & active within the discord.

While we are on the subject of convoys/events there is BIG news that our 3 Year anniversary is on 1st June 2022, so our event planners have come out good and processed all of the information of the Event down to the schedule and prizes of the truckfest. So if you wanna attend our special Event simply join the Event Discord server via; Discord there you will be able to keep track of announcements.

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We Deliver The Relaxed Way!


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