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November 2022 Update

By Slammed_Ukk   |   05 Dec 2022 19:39 UTC | Updated on 04 Jan 19:05 UTC

Hello VTC Employees and to our Public readers,

So this brings us to the end of November and the beginning of December! What an awesome month it has been for us at Relaxed Truckers Logistics, as we have been attending some awesome events.

So it's been a busy November for us, so in this month's update we will cover subjects such as our new drivers, promotions, Driver of the Month and also our private & public convoy.

Driver of the Month;

We would like to make an announcement of November's - Driver of the Month.
The Managers has been voting and discussing the past seven days (7), that this person is being chosen because of his activity within the VTC,
fresh ideas towards our Company/Private Drives, his organization skills and dedication towards the VTC.
So we're announcing that Olliepedders is this November's Driver of the Month.

Public Convoys/Private Drives;

We have been discussing within our small Event Team, with all being well. We will be bringing our Monthly Convoys back into action for our Drivers and Community members to come along and enjoy. There is so many Private & Public Convoys in the pipeline to bring a Relaxed and enjoyable convoys within months to come, especially within 2023.

As some of you may have noticed that we have already started to plan the biggest event of RTL's calendar to date, our 4 Year.. yes! our 4th Year Anniversary event, some of you may of thought or doubted us that we wouldn't make it. Guess what? we're nearly there! We wouldn't have done it, if it wasn't to our Managers, Developers & Drivers.

Team Changes;

LouisLangdon3, goes on Member on LOA.
AustralianStig has been promoted to Legendary Driver.
Olliepedders, has been promoted to Staff.
TBNRbatman, has been removed due to internal rules.
keNNy, goes on Member on LOA.
jiran15, leaves the VTC due to technical issues.
Majer_Rampage, has been promoted to Junior Driver.

Festive Break;

So finally we come on to the final subject, Christmas Day around the corner again ! With everything that has gone on this year, it will be nice to be able to relax and spend time with our Family & Friends. Please sit tight, we will get to you asap, however.. It is the festive period and all RTL and all related areas will be closed from the 19/12/2022 till 06/01/2023. So all of our drivers can rest & enjoy the Christmas period with their Family & Friends. If you have any other inquiries be sure to use our support system and await a reply, please remember, it's the festive period, you may get a reply in a few hours or a few days. Be sure to enjoy your holiday and we will see you in the New Year of 2023.

Important Links & Socials;

TruckersMP Page

Thinking of Joining?

If you are looking to join and be apart of the team simply head to our website to apply today.

We Deliver the Relaxed Way!


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