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🚚 | Project Cargo VTC Public Convoy

By MatterzHD - PCVTCMatty   |   17 Oct 20:50 UTC

Today we hosted our own PCVTC Public Convoy which is part of our verification requirements for the VTC. We had 16 drivers arrive at the convoy including 10 of our own drivers. We planned the convoy well in advance to make sure we have no Convoy Control issues. We had a lot of fun driving on this convoy!

The convoy began in Constanta (Romania) and finished in Budapest (Hungary) The route consisted of a lot of interesting sights such as hidden ferry's and tight roads with plenty of nice scenary. The convoy was well controlled by AABattery (Lead) and PCVTC_Harvey_TMP (Rear). They did a great job running the convoy and we are very thankfull. We would also like to thank Jordan Project Cargo VTC (Media) for his fantastic photos and Hayden0812 (Convoy Planner) for designing a brilliant route that we all enjoyed. Finally we would like to thank everyone that attended our public convoy we really appreciate it and hope you enjoyed!

Image at the end of the convoy:

This is one of our requirements to show that we hosted a public convoy this month.

Kind Regards, MatterzHD (Matty) , Chief Advisor at Project Cargo VTC



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