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šŸŽµ | TruckersFM 5 Year Festival

By PCVTC_Harvey_TMP   |   18 Oct 02:36 UTC

Yesterday after our weekly VTC Convoy we attended the TruckersFM 5 Year Anniversary Festival, this was an event that started before we set out on our convoy so we went to the festival towards the end as we had some time before the server closed, I asked around and we managed to get 5 of our drivers to meet up at the hotel in felixstowe and we all drove together to the festival we were all looking forward to seeing what was there, I already knew what was there but my drivers didnt.

We then arrived and we first of all went to the drag strip to have a race with each other and see who can win against each of us this included PCVTC_Harvey_TMP, MatterzHD,Jordan Project Cargo VTC, Iain_Burnett and ItsKieranUK, we had so much fun and out of our drivers I came in first in a classic save edited Scania, once we had finished with this we moved on and went round to the Trameri Reversing Challenge which was pretty good and personally I was surprised with my reversing skills maybe I didnt win but I didnt have to pull forwards once.

After we all did our first time on the Trameri Reversing Challenge we went again just this time it was a little different as one of the TruckersMP Event Managers - Raymond_ asked to challenge me, it was very close but Raymond did indeed beat me but I wasnt that far behind him, these two times I reversed up really did surprise me on how good I was at reversing as it was mainly because I didnt have to go forwards once.

But overall the VTC drivers and management team that went to the event last night said it was fun but they would have liked it a bit if tyhere was more things to do other than just a bit of reversing and then a bit of drag racing but over all it was a fun night time event and the festical at the end brought all of the people onthe server back to the main part of the festival to celebrate the end of a great night before the convoy today for TruckersSF on TruckersMP, but hte drivers that went along said they would definitly do somthing like this again so hopefully when TFM6 comes out as an event that will be coming up hopefully it could be a possibility that this happens again and we would definitly go againt o it.

Here are a couple of pictures from last night:

I would like to say many thanks to TruckersFM for being around for such a long time and organising this event and thank you to TruckersMP for actually making the server happen possible.

Thank you, Harvey, CEO of Project Cargo VTC.



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