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[14th March 2020] Falcon Trucking 2nd Anniversary

By [falconites.com] RoadKing   |   23 Jun 12:37 UTC
✦✦✦✦ABOUT US✦✦✦✦
Falcon Trucking has been operating for nearly 2 whole years now and the day has finally come to celebrate our 2nd anniversary.

We here at Falcon Trucking started its operations on the 10th of March 2018 with the hope of becoming a well-known and professional VTC. We have made all the necessities for all our drivers ranging from hard-working staff to Custom made Logger and Dashboard.

✦✦✦✦VTC Records✦✦✦✦
With 50+ Drivers We have done 8000+ Jobs, 5.4 Million KM traveled and 1.4 Million Tonnes of Cargos have been delivered. This Shows our Dedication and love towards this game.

✦✦✦✦Event Info✦✦✦✦
**Date: 14th march 2020**

Location: Calais, Sea Port & City
Slots: http://bit.ly/2NR6OzH
Slot Request: http://bit.ly/2NTxqjP
START: 4:00 pm GMT 
End: 4:30 pm GMT
Your timezone: http://bit.ly/2ve1mk5
Most Attended VTC -  1
Best Formation VTC -  1
Best Paint job VTC -  1
Best Looking Public Trucks -  2

Start: Calais, Sea Port
End:  Dortmund, Quarry
Route: http://bit.ly/37jsKeG
Convoy Length: 1,114 KM
Convoy Start: 4:40 PM GMT
Note: All The VTCs and Public are requested to stay in their slots until they are said to move.

✦✦✦✦Confirm your attendance✦✦✦✦
ETS2C: http://bit.ly/2un3HZt

✦✦✦✦TMP Forum Post✦✦✦✦
Link: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/92473-14th-march-2020-falcon-trucking-2nd-anniversary/```


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