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Yuan dong Monthly Public Convoy | 16 September. 2020

By C.V.T-[Wu*Ji]-Ye xu   |   23 Sep 2020 05:02 UTC | Updated on 23 Jul 22:21 UTC

Greetings ETS2 Community Truckers, By the success of the public event held last month, we are proud to announce our next public convoy coming this weekend. We will this time depart from Milan to Calais. We will also meet in Promods this time, to avoid any trolling and rule violations, as do not have any GMs to deal with such situations. The route and other relative information will be followed, and due to the new version of rule released, you're welcome to use truck of any kinds other than those kickable from servers. Please schedule your time in advance to ensure that you have time to join.

Time: 16 September 2020, 20:30 GMT+8 Server: Promods Direction: Burgas to Pitesti

致各位欧洲卡车模拟2玩家, 基于上次活动的成功举办,我们很荣幸将在这个月在此举办一次活动。我们将在布尔加斯出发,终点皮特什蒂。这次活动同样将在Promods服务器举办,主要原因是我们没有游戏管理员,并且尽可能防止各种捣乱、违反纪律的行为。相关信息将会在下方显示,由于多人游戏规则,您可以更自由地搭配您的卡车,但是必须携带挂车。请提前预留时间,以确保可以出席活动。

时间::2020年9月16日北京时间下午8点30分 服务器:Promods 方向:布尔加斯至皮特什蒂


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