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By .Viper   |   22 Feb 21:26 UTC

We're not far from a month out and it will be the first year anniversary for Alle Group. Having been away from the game for a very long time I decided to make a return during the pandemic around this time last year, and quite a few weeks later I had re-opened what were then Horizon Logistics of which were run by myself and our co-founder Smithy (Whom sadly is no longer interested in the game). Despite the re-opening of Horizon the VTC itself were not as popular of course being fresh back on the block it were only myself who were running that up until I decided to disband Horizon in order to form Allegiant Transport & Logistics on the 27th March 2020 and if I had thought back then, that we would be here on this day having come this far despite our losses, despite our ups and downs, despite everything going against us we held firm with the mindset that since our validation we were going to get ourselves verified. Granted it has taken longer than expected but we are here, we have gotten to this point, it wasn't just me, it wasn't just our staff, it were all of you and I've never been so proud.

On this day we are validated. And in time we will be expanding more, we will of had the drivers hub complete, and we will strive with pride because no longer are we just a company based on a trucking game. This success shows our dedication, it shows our potential to grow with a determined mindset as we've set our goal and we have well and truly smashed it.

As a result of this, during the GOSH event over the weekend I had spoken with Carl. We are going to be giving a little something to our drivers and staff, an add on to our liveries of which will become an official thing from midnight tonight. Should we have the stripes DLC's for ETS /ATS then our drivers and staff will have the option to use one of those paint jobs provided, they are in company colors. Aside from this, as will be announced soon. I am working on a new community forum!


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