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🥳 ALLIANCE Convoy - 7th Anniversary (English)

By ALLIANCE Jean M.   |   06 Jun 21:32 UTC | Updated on 23 Jul 22:21 UTC


👋 Howdy trucker, welcome to our 7th Anniversary of ALLIANCE Virtual.

Writing 7 (seven) years of existence in some words isn't an easy task, but it's a small reflection of the great challenges that have been transformed into innovations, learning, and overcoming over the years, highlighting our successful trajectory so far. The future scenario is as challenging as the years that have passed, we want to immortalize this landmark date for our company through a public event, where you will be able to enjoy the most beautiful landscapes with that fun, simulation, and organization with all support of our event team. Therefore, you're invited to join our party and celebrate our 7th anniversary!

We emphasize that our events will always be organized in the Brazilian Portuguese language and due to the linguistic limitations of our team, support for other languages isn't guaranteed, however, this will not prevent anyone from participating in our anniversary and have fun with us, so if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask in advance on our Discord server.

📘 Event Information:

  • Date: Sunday, May 30th, 2021.
  • Meeting Time: 15h00m (UTC -3) 18h00m (UTC).
  • Departure Time: 16h00m (UTC -3) 19h00m (UTC).
  • Main Server: ALLIANCE - 7th Anniversary.
  • Backup Server: [US] Simulation.
  • DLCs: Scandinavia (Required).
  • CB Radio Channel: 19 (Default).
  • Start: Stavanger, Garage 🇳🇴.
  • Destination: Oslo, Polaris Lines 🇳🇴.
  • Route: Click here.

Is your time zone different from the one mentioned above? Then click here and convert the event schedule to your local timezone.

🅿 Slots:

It's very uncomfortable to have players parking in a place that you arrived first and to be disturbing you and your other drivers, isn't it? To avoid this unpleasant situation, we have chosen to use the slot system for events held on reserved servers at TruckersMP. Therefore, you can request a reserved space at our event by accessing our Discord server, in the # 🅿 ・ slots room.

📋 Temporary Rules:

You can check the temporary rules of this event in the forum by clicking here or in our request for an event server by clicking here..

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