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Truck show winner and driver of the months

By Mr.TacoMan   |   27 Apr 19:45 UTC

THANK YOU TO ALL DRIVES FOR COMING TO OUR TRUCKSHOW AND CELEBRATING OUR 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF BROTHERHOOD AND SISTERHOOD TRUCKING!!! The Top three company winners. Here is the results for this month truckshow at redding for showing there best truck and trailer and the nice paint jobs in there own company. In 3rd place goes to Crystal Trucking. In 2nd place goes to Pegasus company. In 1st place goes to F.U.N company. Please congratulations for these company for there best efforts. Please join us for the next truck show coming up months. now let's go over to bst drivers for the best mils there always on Discord or in the games and always putting mils in truckbooks. Here is the top 3 driver of this month. In 3rd place over 118,174 mils goes to xSmackBigDaddyX. In 2nd place over 140,179 mils goes to billytash. Now in first place over 171,916 mils goes to Goody89. Please congratulations these driver for there hard work for this month. We hope to see you guys for the next truck show.


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