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Application Template

By James   |   16 Apr 2021 20:09 UTC | Updated on 10 Sep 05:35 UTC

When you are applying for Bruijn Logistics, you will need to copy and paste this application template and fill the details out.
Good luck!

UPDATE: This application template is no longer used. The updated template can be found by clicking the "Apply Now!" button on the TruckersMP VTC page.

Discord Name and #:


Tell us a little bit about yourself:

How long have you been playing ETS and/or ATS for:

How did you hear about us?

Have you put your ban history on public?

Have you had any bans within the last three months?

Make sure to copy and paste the above, and answer the questions.
We will try to reply to your application within 24 hours.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask us in our Discord server.

Happy Truckin'
Bruijn Logistics


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