#Cupid Club 2nd Indoor Painting Competition begins

By Cupid_Club-001   |   05 Apr 13:57 UTC



Cupid Club held its second internal painting competition on April 5th

Time: 20:30 on April 5, 2021 to 12:00 on April 10, 2021

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  • 丘比特俱乐部祝内部涂装大赛圆满成功

  • 丘比特俱乐部,简称 Q.B.T ,现在是中国欧卡车队联盟会员,车队每天晚上都会组织联运活动,同时接受各大车队联运邀请、丘比特俱乐部多次组织并参与了许多大型联运活动和卡车司机MP相关活动,车队现招收本体以及全套玩家,我们有优秀的管理团队,设立审核组、考核组、摄像组,引导组,新手组、正式组。我们期待您的加入。同时我们会努力成为最优秀的欧卡车队!

  • The Cupid Club wishes the internal painting competition a complete success

  • The Cupid Club, or QBT for short, is now a member of the China Ouka Team Alliance. The team organizes intermodal activities every night and accepts the invitation of major fleet intermodal transport. The Cupid Club has organized and participated in many large intermodal activities and truck driver MP related activities. , The team is now recruiting ontology and a full set of players. We have an excellent management team, including an audit team, an assessment team, a camera team, a guide team, a novice team, and a formal team. We look forward to your joining. At the same time we will strive to become the best Ouka team!

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