Congratulations on Cupid Club becoming the 16th officially certified vocational training center in China

By Cupid_Club-001   |   15 Jul 2020 02:02 UTC



2020年7月15日 迎来喜讯


全球TMP 第51家认证的VTC

* 首先 感谢TMP的官方支持,感谢团队的所有成员,以及团队的支持!

* 今后我们会更加努力,积极参与更多的社区活动,让我们的团队变得更好更强!

* 我们也将更好地完善我们团队的内部管理团队,成为一个有素质、有能力、有责任的团队!

* 成立于2020年3月23日,现拥有51名玩家






Cupid Club

China for short_ QBT-VTC

Good news on July 15, 2020

Cupid club becomes the 16th officially certified vocational training center in China

The 51st VTC certified by TMP in the world

* first of all, thank you for the official support of TMP, all members of the team, and the support of the team!

* in the future, we will work harder and actively participate in more community activities to make our team better and stronger!

* we have the quality and ability to manage the team better!

* founded on March 23, 2020, it now has 51 players

* we have organized and organized intermodal activities 4.23 friendship intermodal transport, and we organize internal intermodal transport every two days

* we also have an experienced management team, including human resources, event organization planning, and technical support.

* Cupid Club of China is striving to become the best European truck simulation 2 team. Meanwhile, Cupid Club of China is also committed to maintaining the game environment and improving the impression of foreign players on Chinese players.

* you are welcome to join us.

* if you would like to join us, please contact us through QQ group

  • 丘比特俱乐部交流MOD群:292958046
  • 加入我们
  • 丘比特俱乐部YY:32759418

  • Cupid Club communication mod group: 292958046
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  • Cupid Club YY: 32759418



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