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ETS2MCG - ARO3 is coming!

By [ETS2MCG] Farza - COO   |   31 Oct 12:03 UTC

We are happy to announce that we will organize a very big event called Asian Real Operations again, it is the third time for us so we called it ARO3 for short.

If you have participated in many Real Operation events organized by TruckersMP, you certainly know a lot about them. And sure, this event will be the same. Of course, we can't do the same as TruckersMP's event but we will try our best to give you a realistic sense of fake roadworks or accidents and you can explore them.

Our next event will take place on Nov 28, so it won't be long before you can experience our exciting and action-packed event like the one hosted by TruckersMP.

We also released the teaser video for this event! Check it out:


More details for the event will be announced soon!

-ETS2MCG, We are family.


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