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ETS2MCG 5th Anniversary Events - Conclusion

By [MCG] Farza   |   22 Aug 2021 12:30 UTC | Updated on 22 Aug 2021 12:30 UTC

Earlier August 2021, we celebrated our 5 years anniversary by hosted events for our members and TruckersMP community! In this post, I will conclude the events we hosted, both private event for our members and public event for the community.

ETS2MCG 5th Anniversary Private Convoy

5th August 2021, our birthday, we celebrated by hosting a private convoy only for our members in the VTC to have fun and celebrate our birthday together. It was a great small convoy right before our biggest convoy for this year. Here are some photos of this event.

ETS2MCG 5th Anniversary Convoy

7th August 2021, 2 days after our birthday, a celebration event with the whole TruckersMP Community. It was the biggest convoy we hosted for this year with nearly 400 participants, 30+ VTCs. In this event, there was a pre-made accident between the route to make this event more joyful, not a boring one. We would like to thank everyone for participating in this event. Also thank our members, Event Team, and CCs for serving as event staffs to guide the participants and making the accident that made this event more fun and successful. Here are some photos of this event.

ETS2MCG Racing Championship

14 August 2021, a week after the biggest convoy, we hosted an event for our members again. This time, it wasn't a convoy but a racing event. The event was organized in the Dover area, Arcade server. In this event, we were able to find the winners, with good driving/racing skill, and this is the results:

ETS2MCG Racing Championship 2021: Winners

Congrats to all members above! And here are some photos of this event.

Last but not least, We also have a recap video for all events above as well! Now, you can watch it here on our YouTube channel:

ETS2MCG 5th Anniversary Events - Recap

Again, we would like to thank everyone, including our members, VTCs, and TMP players for coming and celebrating our 5th Anniversary with us and making these events successful! Also thank all of you who have supported, attended our events for the past 5 years. We love all of you and hope to see you there again at the next event.

Thank you and Happy Birthday, ETS2MCG!


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