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ETS2MCG activities - Week 2 · 3, November 2021

By [MCG] LaserKeyboardSystem   |   20 Nov 2021 15:39 UTC | Updated on 21 Nov 2021 14:37 UTC

Here's the pictures of our trips and convoys we held or attended, in the 2nd and 3rd week of November.

Tuesday (09.11.2021)

ETS2MCG Daily Trip on ATS

  • Departure: Los Angeles
  • Arrival: Sacramento

Sadly no one took pictures, but we like ATS of course.

Wednesday (10.11.2021)

ETS2MCG Daily Trip

  • Departure: Klagenfurt
  • Arrival: Torino / Turin

eAcres is such a good company to make a photograph...

Thursday (11.11.2021)

ETS2MCG Daily Trip with DLC

  • Departure: Pori
  • Arrival: Сосно́вый Бор / Sosnovy Bor

Friday (12.11.2021)

ETS2MCG Daily Trip

  • Departure: Szczecin
  • Arrival: Graz

Saturday (13.11.2021)

ETS2MCG Private Convoy

Before our big event on Sunday, we held the splendid convoy for those who don't have Baltic Sea DLC. Isn't it awesome?

Sunday (14.11.2021)

ETS2MCG November Convoy

It was the event we long-waited for. I think it's the one of the coolest convoy we ever made. I really appreciate everyone who attended the event!

Tuesday (16.11.2021)

ETS2MCG Daily Trip on ATS

  • Departure: Yuma
  • Arrival: Clifton

Wednesday (17.11.2021)

ETS2MCG Daily Trip


  • Departure: Mannheim
  • Arrival: Calais

Home Sweet Home

Thursday (18.11.2021)

ETS2MCG Daily Trip with DLC

  • Departure: Bergen
  • Arrival: Kristiansand

Do you like Nordic landscapes? We absolutely like it.

Friday (19.11.2021)

C.V.T November public event

Images provided by Ryota

C.V.T invited us to their monthly convoy. Their event was great too.

Saturday (20.11.2021)

LingXiao Friendship Activity

Images provided by Farza

Thanks LingXiao for inviting us to your amazing event!

Sunday (21.11.2021)

ETS2MCG Daily Trip with DLC

  • Departure: Catanzaro
  • Arrival: Livorno

On the last day of the week, we went to Italy again.

Here we conclude trips and convoys in the past week and this week. For upcoming weeks, we will hold and attend more interesting convoys and trips, including ITVTC's Public Convoy. Stay tuned!

ETS2MCG, We Are Family!

Thank you! Terima Kasih! ありがとう! 감사합니다! ขอบคุณครับ! Cảm ơn!



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