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ETS2MCG: The First Week of 2022

By [MCG] Serdtse   |   09 Jan 15:00 UTC | Updated on 09 Jan 15:18 UTC

On the fifth week of December, the last week of 2021, we spent the week attending events by other teams, and did some trips.

Tuesday (04.01.2022)

The First Trip in 2022

  • Departure: Amsterdam
  • Arrival: Mannheim

We hit the European roads instead of that in America. It's because that's our first trip!

Wednesday (05.01.2022)

ETS2MCG Daily Trip

  • Departure: Luxembourg
  • Arrival: Szczecin

So sad that members don't like Going East DLC, so we should stop before DLC areas...

Thursday (06.01.2022)

ETS2MCG Daily Trip with DLC

  • Departure: Pori
  • Arrival: Луга (Luga)

Chemical company in DLC areas are the best place for taking photos!

Friday (07.01.2022)

ETS2MCG Daily Trip

  • Departure: Szczecin
  • Arrival: Linz

Ah, just looking forward to Austria Rebuild

Saturday (08.01.2022)

The First Private Convoy in 2022

  • Departure: Linz
  • Arrival: Lyon

The first convoy in 2022 for the team. I was quite surprised so many members came to drive! Thanks everyone who attended!

Sunday (09.01.2022)

ETS2MCG Daily Trip with DLC

  • Departure: Lyon
  • Arrival: Venezia (Venice)

Just a normal trip again, but... yes we love LKW!

Here we conclude the dairy of trips and convoys in this week. We promise that the team will be greater and better in 2022. See you!

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