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By [FORZA] iamRHT   |   01 Dec 2020 07:20 UTC

Here at Forza we are used to answering some very common questions almost on a daily basis. Some of these questions are quite important. This news post has been made to answer questions that we get asked the most. We have tried our best to put together a set of questions that we get asked quite a lot and answered them to the best of our abilities. If you have a question related to Forza, please read through this post and see if you get an answer.

A. Application System

1. How long does it take to hear back from us after applying?

Forza's Human Resource Department is dedicated to dealing with VTC applications and applicants. We receive quite a lot of applications every week and that is why the HR department remains busy most of the time. However, we try our best to send a response to our applicants within one to fourteen hours and we succeed in doing so most of the time.

2. Can those who do not meet the requirements join Forza?

Sadly not. Our VTC requirements are the bare minimum of what we expect from our drivers. We have made changes to our requirements over the years to make sure they're reasonable. Failing to meet them will get your application rejected

3. Should I enter my real name in the application form?

That is something we haven't specified anywhere. Please feel free to enter either your real name or a name that you're known as throughout the community.

4. What happens to your information?

This is something we believe to be very important for our applicants as well as drivers to know. We at Forza, keep some information of those who get accepted into the VTC in a secure database. This set of information includes; your name, email, truckersmp profile link, steam profile link, discord name and discord id. We do not wipe out this information. Doing this, helps us keeping track of our drivers, keeping track of VTC and Discord punishments, preventing banned drivers from rejoining and some other important things.

B. Driver Rules

Our driver rules are presented to our trainees when they're going through the joining procedure. In order for them to join the VTC, they have to accept the rules. We have not and will not make our rules public. However, our trainees can always reject our rules and leave the joining procedure if they wish to do so.
Forza's driver rules are straight forward. We don't ask much from our drivers. They're simply expected to abide by a set of rules that are not at all difficult to follow. Failing to follow a rule, will result in an offence warning, then a temporary ban and then finally a permanent ban from Forza. Drivers can appeal a temporary or permanent ban on our website.

C. Paint job and Player Tag

1. What is an official paint job and do Forza drivers have to use it all the time?

The official paint job is the paint job that represents Forza on the road. Drivers of our VTC are NOT required to use this paint job all the time if they do not wish to do so. Although, this is something we highly encourage. We do, however, require our drivers to use our official paint job whenever they are participating in a convoy with other drivers from Forza.

2. Forza's official paint job is a paid paint job. Are drivers expected to pay for it?

Our paint job indeed is a paid paint job. However, we do not expect all our drivers to buy it. Those who can and want to buy the paint job can, of course, buy it themselves. But we have pre-made profiles for convoys and for casual usage which have the official paint job applied to the trucks, as well as the trailers. This way, our drivers do not need to have the paint job in order for them to use trucks with the paint job applied to them. The paint job we've chosen to be our official one is known as "Crystal Dimension" and it is available for buying in the Steam Community Market.


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