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Global Cargo at Viva's 4th Anniversary

By Voltera   |   29 Sep 2020 10:00 UTC

Most of our members have a history within Viva due to the split from Viva Nederland, a good reason to attend this special affair.

We started in Praha, where a nice selection of active VTCs within the TMP community attended. During the truckfest, about 200 players had joined, so the Quarry was filled with trucks.

After an endurance convoy drive, we arrived back at the Quarry to park up and make some dapper pictures. Our congratulations to Viva for their 4th anniversary and on to the 5th.

Global Cargo at the truckfest
GC Drivers are always in for a convoy! (Credits: Voltera)

With our friends from Viva CC
With our friends from Viva CC (Credits: Stini)

Looks like we got us a convoy…
Looks like we got us a convoy… (Credits: Steviep_04)

Taking our well-earned rest afterwards
Work hard, play hard (Credits: AndyTF)

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