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Staff Recruitment is Open

By .Stan   |   22 Feb 2021 19:01 UTC | Updated on 23 Jul 2021 22:21 UTC

Phoenix has grown fast! Since we opened in January, we have amassed over 70 members! We never expected this amount of growth in this short amount of time, and we are so happy to see our VTC grow. We want to provide the best experience possible for all our members, which is possible due to our amazing staff! Due to our growth, the time has come to expand our team and welcome some new members to the Phoenix Staff Team. Below there is some more information concerning this:

Development Team

The Development Team is at the heart of Phoenix, working with the Upper Staff Team to continue to innovate and push the boundaries of what is possible within Phoenix! We're looking for anyone who meets the requirements, and has a passion to help our existing team work on our technology, in particular the PhoenixBase. You may find aspects challenging, but you'll be helping pave the way for an exciting future! This position is open to non-Phoenix Members.

Human Resources Team

The Human Resources Team work within Phoenix to help manage members and ensure everybody has a great time! HR Team members are expected to interact on the Discord Server and be friendly to the community! Their main responsibilities are to monitor behaviour, process LOA's, check activity requirements and carry out other internal tasks. This position is a challenging one, that will provide a steep learning curve to anyone who chooses to apply. But it is one filled with many benefits, and allows you to be at the heart of Phoenix and what we do! This position is only open to Phoenix Members.

Events Team

The Events Team work with the Event Executive to help plan and run events on TruckersMP for our members to enjoy! In this role, you will be tasked with leading Phoenix at our own events, but also during large public ones. We're looking for people who have a real passion for events, and want to continue to make an impact in Phoenix. You will need to be able to keep calm when under pressure, and show Phoenix in a good light whenever you are representing us! But this role is full of great opportunities, such as creating your own convoy routes and planning your own events! This position is only open to Phoenix Members.

Media Team

The Media Team work with the Community Interactions Team to create awesome content and branding for Phoenix! In the Media Team there are a wide range of tasks to complete, such as taking promotional pictures in-game and editing pre-existing ones for upcoming events. This role with give you the opportunity to work others who you can learn from, and share your passion with! We look forward to seeing who will apply and the work they will go on to create! This position is only open to Phoenix Members.

To apply for any of these positions, you will need to join our Discord Server and follow the links to the forms provided! We hope to see lots of applications, and look forward to welcoming some new members to our team.


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