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Phoenix Weekly Rewind #3 (01/03/21)

By .Stan   |   08 Mar 2021 12:29 UTC | Updated on 23 Jul 2021 22:21 UTC

Hi everyone! Welcome to Phoenix's Weekly Rewind, for the last week of February. At Phoenix we love events and aim to attend lots of public events each month, as well as hosting our own monthly public convoy and regular private member convoys, in this update we cover all of the events from the last seven days, enjoy!

Connor's ETS2 ProMods Convoy - 23rd February

To kick off the week, our Events Staff member Connor took us on a beautiful ProMods trip starting in the beautiful city of Bilbao, surrounded by green mountains! From there on, we travelled along some bendy roads

Photo: Jeffkex

Photo: Cupid

Phoenix Monthly Convoy - 24th February

And already it was this time again! We love hosting our Monthly Convoy and this one was no exception. For this route we met up in the Volvo Factory, just outside of Gothenburg in Sweden. We then made our way East via Örebro towards the Norwegian border. Once we crossed into Norway, we drove south into Stavanger before ending our journey at the quarry. With a great attendance, including drivers from RLC, Prime and Viva, it was an event to remember!

Photo: Stan

Photo: Stan

Photo: Abdul B

RLC's ATS Convoy - 25th February

On Thursday evening, RLC took us stateside for a relaxing trip on the wide, open roads! We departed from Spokane and made our way over to Olympia. Events on ATS are usually less frequent, so it was really nice to break up this busy week with a trip in the US. As always, it was a fantastically managed convoy from the RLC Team!

Photo: chaotic control

Photo: Cupid

Pries Logistics' Monthly Convoy - 26th February

And for the first Event Server convoy of the week! On the 26th, we had the pleasure of attending Pries' Monthly Convoy. Departing from Budapest, we followed a lovely route to Salzburg in Austria. Our drivers really enjoyed this event, and we hope to attend some more of Pries Logistics' events in the future! Special photo featuring JJ having a little sleep

Photo: PallePuh

Photo: tdp2612

Haul with Forza - 27th February

We kicked off the weekend by attending one of their regular "Haul with Forza" events! This event started in Lyon, with us driving along some twisty roads to our endpoint in Bastia. This was a very quick convoy, so it definitely tested the driving skills of our drivers! We then parked up in GNT at the end, next to some drivers from CRTZ.

Photo: Cupid

Photo: Stan

Photo: sova

B&Č's Winters End Event - 28th February

And to end our week, we spent Sunday evening attending the Winter's End Event - hosted by our good friends at B&Č Transport! This convoy began in the beautiful Romanian city of Timișoara, and involved us taking a lovely route east to Iași. For such a small VTC, they had a great turnout!

Photo: Chaotic Control

Photo: Clarence

That's it for this week. If you would Phoenix to attend your event, or if you have any questions about our events team pop into our Discord or email [email protected]


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