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Phoenix Weekly Rewind #4 (07/03/21)

By MrAndyTF   |   08 Mar 2021 12:30 UTC | Updated on 23 Jul 2021 22:21 UTC

Hi everyone! Welcome to Phoenix's Weekly Rewind, for the first week of March. At Phoenix we love events and aim to attend lots of public events each month, as well as hosting our own monthly public convoy and regular private member convoys, in this update we cover all of the events from the last seven days, enjoy!

RLC Weekly Convoy - 2nd March

On Tuesday it was time for our first event of the week - our first official attendance at one of RLC's legendary weekly convoys with a booked slot, these convoys are great fun and we are thrilled to make these a new regular fixture on our events calendar! Our drivers certainly had fun with 14 of us enjoying the route on Promods which took us through the picturesque Scottish countryside.

Photo: Chaotic Control

Photo: Andy_PHX

Photo: Chaotic Control

Photo: Andy_PHX

Promods Convoy with Connor - 4th March

On Thursday afternoon, our events operator Connor took members on an enjoyable trip from Plymouth to Hawes in the UK, Hawes is always a favourite destination in Promods version of the UK, with its North Yorkshire village aesthetic and narrow roads it is a great place to visit. The field next to the farm also makes a handy parking place for a convoy!

Photo: Andy_PHX

Photo: Chaotic Control

Photo: Jeffkex

PDSA Charity Convoy - 6th March

On Saturday lunchtime we gathered to take part in the PDSA Charity Convoy, this event which spanned a truckfest and three routes across Europe was very enjoyable and it was a pleasure to attend and support such a worthy cause. A good number of our drivers participated in the whole event which from beginning to end took around 8 hours!

Photo: Andy_PHX

Photo: Cupid

JJ's German Excursion - 7th March

We rounded off the week with a drive with our events operator JJ through Germany, the trip started in Frankfurt before heading north and the east on a circuitous route to Erfurt.

Photo: tdp2612

That's it for this week. If you would Phoenix to attend your event, or if you have any questions about our events team pop into our Discord or email [email protected]


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