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Website Update 30/04/2021

By Penguin   |   30 Apr 00:31 UTC

Website Update 30/04/2021 - New Features:

  • Support Desk only allows one open ticket per user at any one time
  • Ability to link Steam accounts from the User Profile
  • Ability to comment on News Articles
  • New Authenticated navbar
  • If user has linked their Steam account, a Steam icon will show in the navbar that links to their profile
  • New profile view
  • TMP ID moved from left side of profile, database restructured here
  • Removed the leftover VTC Events system as this now pulls events from the TMP Website itself
  • Uses named routes for more HTTP requests
  • Fixed XP History not showing for users

(Try the comment feature out on this article!)

This website update is major and although the website has been tested, please report any issues via our Support Desk!


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