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Monthly Newsletter - September

By MsMist   |   05 Sep 12:00 UTC | Updated on 05 Sep 20:20 UTC

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

We want to congratulate everyone on surviving these sweltering days; hopefully, it is all over now.
That being said, it is the right time to update you with what happened in Pries Logistics during August.

Driver of the Month

Spookyy_ has made a return to Pries spectacularly by attending 15 convoys in the past month. That is a fantastic result, and we are proud to give him this honour again, which has earned him the role of 🚚 Driver of the Month and an additional 500 XP. Thank you all for your great activity. Keep up the effort for the coming months!

Picture of the Month

It is time to announce the winners of August's Picture of the Month contest. The first place winner will receive 500XP, the discord role 📷 Picture of the Month, and their photo showcased on our server banner. The second and third place winners will get 250XP and 125XP. Here they are:

1st - Doñ Cheeki P

2nd - lukas_pat11 P

3rd - Twix P

Seasonal Photo Contest - Summer

Now to announce the winners of our very first Seasonal Picture Contest for Spring. First place winner will receive the role Photo Contest Winner - Summer 2021 along with a €10 Steam Giftcard! Winners this season are:

1st - FLUK3 P

2nd - sense P

3rd - wazz. P

Congratulations to these 6 winners with a special thank you to all who participated this Summer!

Upcoming Public Convoy

Our next monthly convoy will take place on September 29th, the date when we will explore Italy together in ETS2. You may find all information for this event here. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Discord Rules Update

For the past few months, we have been working on a new version of Discord rules that we enforce daily to ensure our community experiences an amazing time here. We highly encourage you to visit discord-rules to get familiar with all of the major changes we have made to avoid uncomfortable situations.

Staff Changes

[Public Relations Department] + [Media Department] (Pompey Royal)[Media Manager] + [Public Relations Department]

[Event Department] + [Media Department] (CuteCube)[Event Manager] + [Media Department]

[Driver] (Joschi)[Human Resources Department]

[Driver] (Chris2306)[Human Resources Department]

[Driver] (TFM_Flynn)[Public Relations Department] + [Event Department]

[Driver] (CEBO I Constantin)[Public Relations Department] + [Media Department]

[Driver] (benbart)[Media Department]

[Driver] (Doñ Cheeki)[Media Department]

[Driver] (MousemanLV)[Media Department]

[Human Resources Department] + [Event Department] (LeonL23)[Human Resources Department]

[Development Department] + [Public Relations Department] + [Event Department] (Flye001)[Development Department] + [Event Department]

[Human Resources Department] (Warhammer9x)[Driver]

[Public Relations Department] + [Event Department] (Noah C.)[Event Department]

[Event Department] (OliPlays)[Driver]

Overall Statistics for the Month

VTC Statistics:

Total VTC Members: 98 Members
Convoys Attended: 22

Social Media Statistics:

Discord: 1,712 Members (+31)
Instagram: 1,034 Followers (+33)
Twitter: 677 Followers (+27)
Facebook: 233 Followers (+4)
Twitch: 436 Followers

Hope that everyone has another fantastic month and thanks for you time!


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