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► Reminder: No Prime Weekly ◄

By sanamaria   |   20 Dec 2020 00:18 UTC

We're taking a well deserved break!

Our Events Team has been busy planning and executing our Prime Weekly Convoys for a long time, our convoys as well as others being a nice distraction when a basically the whole globe went into more of less of a lockdown.

For the first time in said months, the Management Team has decided that it would be time for a break, for everybody. This means that on Monday, 21st of December, there will not be a Prime Weekly Convoy.

We're not saying "Goodbye, see you next year" just yet..

We will come back one last time for the year 2020 to take you on a drive. More information will be revealed soon. But watch out for our Social Media profiles around the 26th of December to know more.

Coming back one last time for 2020

See you on December 28th.



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