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► Driver & Staff Member of the Month | December ◄

By sanamaria   |   13 Jan 16:04 UTC

  • Congratulations to Callum on becoming Driver of the Month for December 2020!

More information about him:

  • Since joining in June of this year, Callum has managed to log over 222,000 kilometres for us and that alone is a huge milestone as a driver. But not only is he a very active driver, he is also very active in our Discord server, always there to greet new members, help out when it's needed or simply hold light conversation in our channels. He definitely wants Prime Logistics to seem as community friendly as it can be and we appreciate this a lot!

Please keep it up Callum, we hope to see you progress more in Prime!

Now for our Staff team!

Some background information about Bashere:

  • Bashere is one of our masterminds behind our amazing Prime Weekly events alongside of Andreas. He has been in Prime for nearly two years and in the staff team for nearly 18 months. A very long time! He has worked his way up to the position of Senior Events Staff and is working hard to ensure that every event that is hosted by Prime is a smooth experience for everybody involved. But while being extremely active in regards of our events, he also managed to log the amazing amount of 700,000 kilometers for our company. That's what we call dedication!

Thank you so much for your hard work! Please keep it up, as we cannot tell you how much we appreciate it!


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