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► Driver and Staff of The Month | October ◄

By JustBrankoGaming   |   13 Oct 20:59 UTC | Updated on 16 Oct 13:38 UTC

A month ago we announced the comeback of Driver of the Month and Staff Member of the Month; and now we are here again, announcing the DOTM & SOTM for October!


Staff of The Month: Tony[UK]


Some more information about Tony: Tony has been in Prime Logistics since December 2020, and in the staff team since February 2021. Tony has put a lot of work into Prime Logistics, currently being in three teams, which is outstanding. Tony first started in the Media Team creating some great content for us at convoys. He started helping out with creating convoys with his transfer to the Event Team in April 2021. He has recently transferred to Human Resources to help out with driver management. Tony’s rapid progression throughout the team has been supported by his excellent work with high standards when a job needs to be done.

Tony has shown his utmost support for Prime Logistics by always getting to know drivers, by just saying hello in drivers chat, by attending convoys or driving around with drivers! Since joining Prime Logistics, he has logged over 215,000 kilometres which is a very impressive amount for under a year worth of driving. Tony is an open-minded person who is always happy to have a laugh or talk seriously when it’s needed, Management greatly values having him within Prime Logistics and the staff team.

Thank you for your continued hard work Tony, we appreciate your dedication!


Driver of The Month: ATEKGaming


Some information about ATEKGaming: Atek has been in Prime since December 2018, and after taking a break he rejoined Prime in April 2019. Since then he has shown great activity and dedidcation towards Prime. You might have spotted him at our convoys, he's not only attending them but in the past he has also been part of the Convoy Control Team and the Recruitment Team. In his career within Prime he has already logged 440.000 KM, which is an incredible high amount, even with the current tracker problems he's still logging his jobs. A few days ago ATEk even joined the staff team as a media team member.

We can not thank you enough Atek for all the positivity you are bringing into Prime, keep rocking it!


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