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New DLC of American Truck Simulator - Goodyear Tires Pack

By [ST I 002] xiaoZheng   |   12 May 12:00 UTC

美洲卡车模拟新DLC - Goodyear Tires Pack 固特异车胎

May. 12th, 2021

5 月 11 日,SCS 推出美卡新DLC。现在,首个美卡车胎DLC已经被推出。你可以查看 SCS 官方博客 以及蜗牛运输拍摄的相关图片。

On May 11st, SCS Software has released a new DLC for American Truck Simulator. Nowaday, the first tires pack DLC for ATS has been released. You can check the Official Blog by SCS Software Official, or you can check the photos by Snail Transport Official.

Goodyear1 Goodyear2 Goodyear3 Goodyear4

以及 SCS 官方推特引用了一张由我们的实习管理 tongZHUREN 拍摄的图片,感谢你并祝贺你!

And the SCS Software Official Twitter quote a photo by Our Trainee Manager tongZHUREN, thank you and congratulation to you!


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